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The Best Of Both

Romel: And We're Back!
July 15, 2013

We’re finally able to post again! Sorry for the really long delay. Jenn and I have been a bit busy with our day to day lives but have finally been able to catch up! This is currently our soft launch and we’re still (slowly but surely) implementing a few more features to the site, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

My life has been less interesting than Jenn but here’s a few things that I’ve been up to over the last few months.

I started working with a couple of my friends with an urban tech wear brand called Second Narrow. We’ve been busy over the past few months, researching, and planning the launch of our first pair of jeans! Check out the site and follow us to keep updated!

I’ve also been doing a lot more active things recently, I’ve stopped just sitting in front of a computer all day long and have started going to the gym. I’ve set goals for myself and I am working towards slowly. I’ve been able to see some progress but it’s mostly slow and steady. Mostly working towards a very sculpted back so I can get an awesome dragon tattoo.

Most recently, I was involved in a game jam hosted by iamagamer. The theme of the jam was a strong female lead. We created a game in 48 hours about a girl overcoming her disabilities in a wheel chair and being able to do whatever she puts her mind to. You can check out the game here:

To kick things off, here are a couple pictures of an outfit from Granville island!

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