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The Best of Both started in 2012 as a blog of a boy and a girl with a wide variety of interests, from fashion and video games to biochemistry and computer science. The blog was a medium to challenge each other to be creative, share their ideas + perspectives, and capture their adventures.

A couple of years later, life happened – they got engaged, he moved to San Francisco, she moved to Toronto, and they got married in Vancouver somewhere in between. After months of traveling back + forth, he moved to Toronto, where she stayed up late listening to Counterstrike strats and he unwillingly participated in Saturday morning cleaning. Fast forward – they had many more adventures, got a puppy named Simcoe (the name of the street of their Toronto home), and shipped all of their things across the country (i.e. his board games + collectibles, her textbooks + shoes).

Now, they’re back to where it all began and ready to start this blogging adventure again, with new ideas along with the old. The Best of Both – a blog of a married couple, a puppy, and their adventures!


ROMEL is currently computer programmer. He does a little bit of both front and back end using languages like HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Java and a bit of Objective-C. He also takes pictures when he can and he loves to take pictures of people, places, things, and food!


JENN loves to explore neighbourhoods, collect journals + stationary, and eat dessert. She is also a newly graduated occupational therapist. By night, she is a list maker, an amateur illustrator and designer, and a Netflix binge-watcher. Oh, and she loves to walk Simcoe.

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