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The Best Of Both

Our Family At Home
July 24, 2018

It’s been a little over three weeks as a family of four living in our 680 square foot home. We are still very much in the process of settling in, but are slowly beginning to get a hang of things. On a rare occasion, everyone in the family managed to find some time to get freshened up (…except Simcoe) and my brother was able to capture a few photos of us at home. Here are some of our favourites!

Sleepy Head
We Can Do It!

Nayla’s nursery, which used to be Simcoe’s room, is a solarium just off of our bedroom. It’s a small space with just enough room for a crib, dresser, and changing station – but it works! It’s become my favourite space in our home.

I think I stepped out of the nursery for a quick second and returned to see this Star Wars surprise (does my facial expression give it away?). I’m sure Romel is very excited for Nayla to wear all of the superhero and anime onesies he’s been collecting even before she was born… Yay…

Ok It's Kinda Cute

Simcoe has been super overprotective of his little sister. He was patiently sitting in front of the crib making sure she was okay. He would even get on his hind legs every now and then to check on her! He does the same thing when she’s chilling in her bassinet. His new favourite hobby is smelling Nayla’s feet.

We are feeling so blessed to have this little family of ours – but there have definitely been many ups and downs. Romel and I are beyond grateful for all of our family and friends for their help throughout this new adventure.

Thanks again to my brother for the beautiful photos. Hopefully more to come soon!

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