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The Best Of Both

Month 3: Raptor's Littlest Fan
September 29, 2018

Wow! Today marks Nayla’s 3 months and moreover, the Raptors vs. Trail Blazers game at Rogers Arena where Nayla finally saw a basketball game outside of the belly + learned about what her mama was yelling about! She did surprisingly well at the game… and lo and behold, it was her anxious mama that became overwhelmed with the crowds and noise! I did not realize how loud sports events were?! I am now much more aware of loud sounds and its impact on hearing after my copious hours of research post-game. Regardless, it was a fun experience and definitely one for the books! This month was marked by many milestones like teething and turnovers, more outings and birthday celebrations, and just recently (and to her mother’s delight) a growth spurt and sleep regression.


Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth: This month, Nayla’s begun to discover her hands and she loves to munch on them alllllllll the time. She’s also begun grabbing at anyone and anything she can get her hands on, from her toys to seat belts and from her mama’s hair to her dad’s shirt underneath the armpits. We also think she’s begun teething. Yes, what already?! She’s become a little fountain of drool…

Foodie-in-Training: Moreso a milestone on our part, we finally went out to a restaurant (or two!) this month with baby in tow. Nayla’s been asleep for most of these outings, so unfortunately she hasn’t gotten a chance to try anything yet (and besides, she’s still on that breastmilk diet). We haven’t been too adventurous with restaurants – mostly quick eats and family friendly places that can accommodate a stroller! As we’ve also celebrated a couple of birthdays this month (shoutout to Grandma and Uncle Joms), Nayla’s also joined in on Chinese dim sum and takeout! We’re hoping Nayla will let us venture out to restaurants more often so we can continue our Main StrEATs series!

Long Weekend Adventures: We also made it out downtown Vancouver and Steveston over the Labor Day long weekend for some quality family time! The weather was gorgeous and we strolled along Robson for some window shopping, as well as along the pier for people watching. We obviously had some Pajo’s fish + chips and mini doughnuts too!

Granville St

Rolling in the Deep: Nayla also began rolling this month! She did her first few turns from her back to her belly, which has made diaper changes a lot more challenging. She still hasn’t quiet mastered rolling from belly to back (which apparently is usually what happens first…). This girl now LOVES being on her tummy and she’s able to lift her head much higher nowadays. It’s amazing to see the progress!

Wow, three months have gone by way too fast. Her little personality is beginning to show and we are absolutely in love with life with this little one… even if it means less sleep!

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