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The Best Of Both

Month 2: Little Miss Chatterbox
August 29, 2018

Month 2 has been filled with plenty of cooing from our little baby girl! She has become such a chatterbox – especially with new faces.  She can go on and on and on and on… Although we can never get tired of hearing her cute little voice, it’s sometimes hard to keep up the conversation! She’s also giving us more teethless smiles and giggles, which makes everything worth it.

Are You Not Entertained?: One of our biggest challenges over the past month has been getting this little one to nap! After speaking with one of the docs, we came to the conclusion that she’s the type of baby that needs to be super stimulated in order to become tired and eventually sleep. She’s been really enjoying her baby mobile and watching the lights of her baby gym – but these toys don’t seem to do the trick! The only surefire way is to take her out on a walk (which hasn’t been the easiest thing to do with the terrible air quality!). As such, we’ve been spending most of our days entertaining her with whatever we can get our hands on… I once put her to sleep by playing with a bag of eggplants!

OOTD = Onesie Of The Day: As she continues to grow in size, she’s beginning to fit into more of her clothes! We’ve received most of her onesies as gifts (thank you!), but some items I’ve purchased during my downtime browsing online stores while connected to my current ‘breast’ friend – my pump. She’s quickly becoming a fashionable little babe. Although we were all guessing I was having a boy, I was secretly excited with the possibility of having a girl that I could coordinate with! Can you spot my *subtle* matching in some of the photos?

Favourite Moments: This month’s favourite moment for me will definitely have to be this one night where Nayla would not go to sleep despite everything we tried. Instead, she laid peacefully on our bed in her sleepsack and listened to us read book after book after book. We almost went through our whole catalogue of books – so my mom ended up scavenging more of our old books and we ended up buying a few more the next day. Looks like we got an avid reader in our hands!

First Family Hike: About two months before Nayla was born, we ventured out to Lighthouse Park with Simcoe in this blog post. Nearly two months after Nayla was born, we ended up back at Lighthouse Park with Simcoe + her grandparents! It was our first time venturing the outdoors with her in a baby carrier and she did surprisingly well. Nayla was asleep for the entire walk and only briefly opened her eyes when we made it to the view point. I will definitely be passing the torch to Romel to wear the carrier for our next hike!

With this two month mark, we are sadly saying bye to Romel’s paternity leave – it was fun having you with us! Fortunately, he does work from home so we’ll still get to see him and hear the clicking of his mechanical keyboard. As we’ll be down a set of hands, the next month sounds like there will be even more adjustments in store for us. Here’s to hoping we’ll be getting a bit more sleep and some more downtime so that we can blog more often!

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