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For the past three weeks, I’ve been in beautiful San Francisco helping Romel settle into our new place! It definitely was an interesting experience and offered us a glimpse of what marriage life would be like! As we each live(d) in our parents homes for our entire lives up until now, this move was a first for the both of us. We had to learn how to do a lot of things for the first time and I will definitely write up on that soon. For today’s post, however, I wanted to touch on the pros & cons of “life with roms”.

First, the pros:

(1) There’s always someone there to cook you bacon. 

Yup. Every day. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Bacon. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a teeny bit. But I am not lying when I say that this boy is always ready & willing to make you some bacon when you need it. Our apartment is testament to this – as soon as you walk in, you’ll smell it.

(2) There’s always something to look forward to. 

With Romel working 9-5, Monday to Friday, it’s always sad having to send him off in the morning. I either spend my time at home – drawing, designing, watching Korean dramas, catching up with my family, cleaning or cooking, or walking about in the nearby area AKA Uniqlo, Macy’s or Trader Joe’s. But with whatever I am doing, I’ve always got something to look forward to at the end of the day – getting to see Romel! Yeah, it’s cheesy. I know.

(3) Every night is a sleepover with my best friend.

I think my favourite thing was that he didn’t have to say good bye at night and drive home. I love having someone to cuddle with at night and someone handsome to wake up to in the morning.

Oh boy, now for some cons… I’m going to try to limit them to just 3…

(1) The attack of Hurricane Roms. 

I’m the type of person who likes things organized. So, while Romel’s at work, I like to tidy the place up and put things where they belong. When Romel comes through that door, all hell  breaks lose – backpack gets dropped in the middle of the hallway, jeans go on the floor, shirt gets thrown on the desk, amazon boxes get opened and tossed aside …  It’s not pretty.

(2) You have to drag him out of bed.

Every morning, the alarm goes off and nothing happens. Romel stays there in bed no matter how many times you tell him he’s going to be late for work. When he finally does get up, he moves like a sloth. I literally have to push him out the door to make sure he isn’t so late.

(3) Those farts tho.

If you know Romel, you know he farts A LOT. I’m sure all of our friends can attest to this. Need I say more?

Jokes aside, these past 3 weeks have been a great learning experience. It made me realize that no matter how much Roms farts or how messy he may be, I still want to spend the rest of my life with this guy and I can’t wait to do so!

  • Tin

    Hahahah the farts! I wonder who would win if him and Sean had a competition…